Saturday, May 29, 2010

Word War in Blog-go-sphere

       So yesterday was a rainy day, but the rain did not stop us ( Lainy, Lira and me ) from seeing each other for the first time. Lainy is a schoolmate back in college and Lira who now lives in the US is taking a short vacation here with her husband and kid. We accidentally met at the hotel where they stayed earlier that afternoon so meeting her at JB highway was not really an "off thing" feeling like that of  meeting somebody for the first time. Oh before i forget, Lira is such a nice and simple woman-- bloody filipina! ( Hooray to that!)
       Since the three of us were so called "generals" we got along pretty well. We sat, ate, chatted about a lot of things, you know what happened when all "tirangs" meet, whewww! its going to be a blast - like never ending conversations, one topic connecting to one another  to another and another and another. There were quite a few topics that we have discussed aside from some personal stuff, but  one of the topics that particulary catched my interest is the word war that happened in the world of blogging between a good friend of mine and another woman ( will not mention their names). I was a little confused and lost in the conversation so i just asked Lainy to send me the links so i can review them when i get home.
       An hour after we said goodbyes, i find myself reading terrible, horrible, deplorable and hell i dont know how else i would describe the  comments  posted  by a visitor in my friend's blogsite.  After reading all of those exchange of comments ( nice, rude, calm, religious, arrogant, legal, etc ) i came up with two words to describe it - HOLY CRAP! I can't believe ( but i guess now i am starting to believe) how big wars arise from small misunderstandings.Really. It just turned out into a big battle. We fight our own battle - everyday. But what i learmed from this is  to fight your own battle and to keep in mind how to win or loose such battle. Winning a battle, if you have the right strategy is easy, but i also learned that loosing one is easier. Why? because you are doomed to lose and always in the pitfall if you fight like a whore...
       Good thing my friend did not stooped down to her level and stood by the essence of the word "professional". And the winner is .......................

Done: May 29, 2010


  1. Korek! It was nice meeting up with you and Lira, Gem! I have yet to blog about it.


  2. Yehaaa! Nice meeting you, too, Gem. Next time ulit.

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